PRESS RELEASE: 1/15/2019

Jackson Offshore Operators Announce
Long-Term Contract Extensions


NEW ORLEANS — Jackson Offshore Operators, LLC (JOO) is pleased to announce that it has successfully secured firm, non-cancellable, long-term contract extensions for at least two of its fleet of Deepwater Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV) including the LIGHTNING and SQUALL. This announcement follows a 2018 long-term contract extension which included the OSVs BREEZE and THUNDER as well as Fast Supply Vessels (FSV) the CAJUN II and CAJUN IV. Additionally, in November of 2018, the newly acquired OSV BLIZZARD commenced a long-term charter through 2021. As a result, the entire JOO fleet now has contract coverage through 2020 and the entire OSV fleet extending through 2021 with four of the five OSVs extending through 2023.

Information on the entire JOO fleet can be found here.

“We are excited that our clients have again chosen JOO as a trusted partner for many more years to come,” said Lee Jackson, Chairman and CEO. “These extensions demonstrate our clients’ satisfaction with our outstanding service and are a testament to the hard work and dedication of every employee in the JOO family.”

As one of the most trusted full-service offshore transportation companies providing marine services in the Gulf, JOO demands the best quality of services and strives to surpass client expectations.

About Jackson Offshore Operators, LLC:
Founded in 2011, Jackson Offshore Operators, LLC operates a fleet of Fast Supply Crew Vessels (FSCVs) and Offshore Supply Vessels (OSVs) in support of Deepwater exploration and production for Supermajor oil and gas clients. For more information, visit or find them on Facebook.



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