Our Policy

There’s no achievement greater than safety. We take our safety and environmental policies seriously. Our dedication and adherence to these policies is a reflection of our company mission and vision.


Safety & the Environment

Our safety and environmental policies reflect our company mission and visions. Jackson Offshore Operators holds the protection of people and the environment as a core value, and maintains a company culture that supports this goal.

Protecting Our Teams

Jackson Offshore Operators will not engage in work or any activity that is deemed unsafe, and we expect an employee to stop working on a task or site if he/she has safety concerns about the project. We listen to and appreciate individuals who step forward with risk and safety concerns, and work to address their issues. In honor of our commitment to maintaining our team’s safety, we consider adherence to these safety principles in job performance evaluations.

Always Improving

We regularly evaluate and practice our safety and environmental policy practices to ensure that they’re as up to date and thorough as possible. Jackson Offshore Operators has management and operational systems in place to implement change and improvements. Complete compliance with laws, regulations, and customer standards is the foundation for any practice, policy, or system we use or create.

Minimizing Risk

We’re constantly examining our business and operations to identify and evaluate potential risks. We implement systems and procedures that aim to minimize risk, and acknowledge fault for any incidents that result in injury or harm.

Organization-Wide Commitment

We promote our safety and environmental policies within the entire organization. Our company welcomes feedback from our staff, contractors, and customers — and makes sure to share these principles with them.


Our commitment to our safety and environment policies helps to enhance the quality of life for our employees, contractors, and customers; to enhance our service and value to our customers; and to provide a safe, secure, and rewarding place to work.