Lee Jackson, CEO

2020 has been a year of years, and it will be interesting to see how history reflects upon this year.  So much of what we have lost this year can be contributed to COVID-19, yet even though our world has changed in enormous ways, we still find ourselves holding winning hands.

Our Four Winning Hands from 2020

  1. JOO was able to distribute bonuses to eligible employees. This is only a small token of appreciation for all of our team’s tireless dedication. Day in and day out, everyone gives 100% to get us to success.
  2. We were able to execute two contract extensions on our FSVs, the CAJUN II and IV, taking them through the summer of 2022. We also executed an extension for the BLIZZARD which carries through December 2025 proving stable job security in these uncertain times.
  3. We are ending another year with zero Loss Time Incidents marking more than five years in a row!
  4. As a company, we were successfully able to pivot to ensure that we maintained operations and order during a very chaotic time. Since the onset of this global pandemic, I’ve seen the team’s commitment and cooperation on full display.

At the end of each year, I always like to take notes and reflect on myself and where I can improve personally and professionally. I’ve included my self-reflection notes from this year below and I invite you to do the same.

  • We can’t always control what happens – but we can control our response
  • Be courageous and determined – you will always get a better outcome
  • Get help from those around you – people can amaze you
  • Things often get better with time – never give up
  • Value the simple things in life – they are all around you and precious
  • Be kind and help others – the gift of selflessness
  • Encourage others – where there is hope there is possibility.

We look forward to a safe Holiday season with family and friends and to tacking 2021 right around the corner!